Call for Entries: 2023 Wuhan International Creative Design Contest

Design culture is one of the core cultures of a city. Design-driven urban evolution is an important strategy for sustainable urban development. As a City of Design of UNESCO Creative Cities Network, Wuhan has been holding the Wuhan International Creative Design Contest every year since 2019. Adhering to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, with "green, digital and innovative" as the guiding direction, the contest has served as an effective media to promote innovation by bringing designing vigor to the city and providing a platform for the designers and institutes. The fifth contest will continue to be held this year, inviting talented designers in China and beyond to participate in the construction of the new design landmark in Wuhan, and to promote further application of engineering design technologies in the areas of urban infrastructure digitalization and intelligent construction.

Giving the City a Brand New Look With Design as the “Driving Engine”

The objects of the 2023 Wuhan International Creative Design Contest are the design of the upcoming cultural landmark "Wuhan Design Museum" and the BIM application of engineering construction. We invite enterprises, institutions, designers, students, and individuals to participate. The contest will go through stages of call, shortlisting, online display and online voting, exhibition, awarding and so on. The winning works will be exhibited and awarded on the Wuhan Design Day, which is on November 1st, 2023.

1. The Theme

Integrated Design: Greater Wuhan -- Building Visions With Creativity

2. Organizational Structure

Host by: Wuhan Municipal People’s Government

Organized by: Wuhan Municipal Urban-Rural Development Bureau

Academic Board of Digital Fabrication of The Architectural Society of China

National Center of Technology Innovation for Digital Construction

Supported by: National Commission of the People's Republic of China for UNESCO

China Engineering & Consulting Association

China Creative Cities Network

China Wuhan Engineering Design Industry Alliance

Implemented by: Wuhan Exhibition Group

Wuhan Urban Railway Development and Operation Co., Ltd.

3. Time

August - November 2023

4. Participatants

Worldwide professional design enterprises and institutions, designers, teachers and students in school and creative design enthusiasts.

5. Concept of the Contest

Green, digital and innovation

6. Award&Prize

6.1. Wuhan Design Museum

1 gold award, CNY 1,000,000/person before tax;

2 silver awards, CNY 300,000/person before tax;

3 bronze awards, CNY 100,000 /person before tax;

10 merit awards, CNY 40,000 /person before tax.

Several nomination awards, honorary prize.

Participants participating in the design proposal of Wuhan Design Museum are encouraged to output the BIM design proposal of Wuhan Design Museum simultaneously.

6.2. BIM Application in Engineering Construction - Enterprises and Organizations Group

1 gold award, CNY 300,000/person before tax;

2 silver awards, CNY 100,000/person before tax;

3 bronze awards, CNY 30,000/person before tax;

10 merit awards, CNY 20,000/person before tax.

Several nomination awards, honorary prize.

6.3. BIM Application in Engineering construction - Universities and Individuals Group

1 gold award, 2 silver awards, 3 bronze awards, and several nomination awards, honorary prize.

To encourage units (including institutions, schools, social organizations, etc.) and individuals (such as advisers, etc.) in actively organizing and participating in the contest, a total of 20 will be awarded, with a bonus of CNY 20,000/unit before tax.

7. Profile and Requirement

7.1. Wuhan Design Museum

Wuhan Design Museum is located in the Simeitang Railway Cultural Park of the Wuchang Ecological and Cultural Corridor Project in Wuhan. the 8-2# building (former workshop of China Railway Heavy Machinery Co.Ltd) is the subject of this design proposal, and its main functions are the display, release, communication and demonstration of cultural art and creative design works.

This is an expansion project, located on the north side of the bridge end area of the Second Yangtze River Bridge, adjacent to the core area of Wuchang Binjiang Business District in the south. The project is surrounded by Wuchang River Beach, Simeitang Park and other abundant ecological resources. There are three subway routes (5, 7 and 8) around. The bus lines are dense and the transportation is convenient(Figure 1-3).

imageFigure 1 Project Location